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Help me solve a lifelong mystery

From: Dennis D.


I hope that some of you will be able to shed some light on what I've dealt with for over 25 years.

As a 12 year old, upon getting the stomach flu, I had three seperate episodes in the same day where I was about to vomit, passed out before it started, then proceeded to have a grand mal siezure. Each one was increasingly worse, culminating with one that very nearly required recessutation.

Since then (I was diagnosed with either borderline epilepsy or sincope, depending on which doctor we listened to) I had never had a repeat. That said, every time I felt about to vomit, I could feel my conciousness about to abandon me again, so I literally conditioned my body to deal with the flu through another outlet (sorry, that's as tactful as I could be). But I didn't throw up again for about the next 15 years. The fear of going through that experience again, was too powerful.

This past Thusday night, after a day of junk food binging, I started to feel ill, so went to go to the bathroom, but all of a sudden, I knew I was about to vomit. Then it happened. I lost conciousness, and it was EXACTLY the same as it was that day 26 years ago. Now my wife maintains that she was helping me off the floor within a minute so I didn't have time to have a siezure, but I'm not so convinced. I have bruises in several spots and every muscle above my knees is still sore.

The other factor that makes me wonder after reading some of the postings on this site, is that at the moment, I am very likely about to go through a divorce and lose my children, there is subsequant finanial ruin following that, and just very recently it was discovered that our five year old son may have been molested by a 14 year old cousin. Our son has just started therapy so we can find out if it happened. So I've got some living nightmares that I endure every day. Could this be contributing in a major way to this happening to me again after 26 years?

Another question: sometimes when I'm not feeling well, not vomiting but just not feeling well, I tend to see things. I see patterns and rythyms that are almost hypnotic. If I concentrate on them too much it seems like I might lose conciousness so I have to literally shake them out of my head. But I only get these when I'm overly tired or feeling a little ill. Sound familliar to anyone, or am I just a littly loopy?

I know that most of you aren't doctors, but so many of you seem to have real insight about this condition. I would appreciate any and all comments that are offered up. Thank you.

Dennis in Canada.

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