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Re: i'm 16 and have v v s i would like some questions anwsered

From: C. Mitchell In VA


Hi Christine,

I'm no expert but am someone who has been with these same symptoms for well over 20years. I am now 34.

I'm trying to put a finger on both causes and timeline as to since when I've been having these VVS symptoms and from what I now remember, I think stress has played a huge part in it.

Though you might deny any stress in your life, try to think with as much of an open mind as possible how your body is coping with events in your life that could lead you to this: troubled relationships (boyfriends, parents (like I know still to this day my mother creates stress in my life because of her judging and expectances etc)), school pressure (I know I had a tough time of it), competition etc etc.

I'm sure you're not going crazy, I know I wasnt. BUT I suspect stress was going straight to my gut, causing major intestinal disturbances which caused me subsequently to have VVS symptoms. It's just a cause and effect that you may not be able to control... Unfortunately as time went by, in my early 20s, I started then having the syncopes, and now in my 30s one things leads to another and VVS causes me to have panic attacks. It's a huge whirlwind of symptoms and you need to nip it in the bud.

I've decided to start seeing a psychologist to dump on. And I mean DUMP.. verbal throw-up, just saying everything that's on my mind that I know I can't tell anyone else about.. and you know what? It's working. I come out of there maybe a little shaky, but I haven't had symptoms in almost a month and that's amazing for me.

I'm not saying it's what you should do, but I would highly recomment you look into yourself, your life and see if life isn't just taking a toll on you. You're so young, have so much to live for, it'd be a drag to keep living in this fear.

Wishing you my best!


C Mitchell

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