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Vasovagal, body types, treatments, thoughts

From: Denise in San Diego


I've had vv my whole life. I even passed out as a baby. It has gotten better over the last few years, I am 27 now. my doctor told me it would get worse. (anyone know if that is true?)

As for the runner, yes I would get extremely lightheaded before track races or speeches. I have passed out from being sad, nervous, overly tired, in pain or scared. I'm also tall and thin and that seems to be the common body type for vv. Fluids makes a big difference. Gatorade and V-8 will both help stop the onslaught of an episode. My blood pressure has risen as I have gotten older (I am 27 now) and I think this may be why I am fainting much less. I also get nauscious and sometimes start crying about 15 minutes before I pass out.

Here's a question: do you know who you are and where you are when you wake up? I never do for about 2 minutes. I always feel relaxed as if I took a long nap when I awake. I hate that feeling before I pass out though, like you're dying. And people stare when you get sheet white, sweaty, and fall over. especially at work. Your metal state seems to affect VV, when I am happy I do much better. I have passed out from being sad a few times.

It took so long to find a doctor that knew what it was. they called me a drug addict or anorexic for years, which I am neither.

oi don't take anything for it. i don't hold back on salts and fluids though. My docotr tried to give me florenif acetate but that just made me feel bloated.

Other doctors don't really know what VV is. My shrink is trying to get me to take an antidrepressant. I wish she'd listen to me about VV. I read one of the side affects of the antidepressant is lowered blood pressure, which could have serious implications combined with VV.

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