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My episodes vaso-vagal syncope

From: Joanna


I have this as well, any time I get nausea. I feel a wave of nausea, and then before I even get a chance to lie down, I faint to the floor and I wake up in a confused dream like state, and usually puke. I went to a cardiologist, and he says that it’s because my blood pressure is already normal to low, and when the nausea hits for whatever reason (for me it’s migraines, stomach flu, food poisoning, ect.) the vagus nerve in your neck is stimulated, dilating your blood vessels in your legs. Your brain all of a sudden doesn’t have enough oxygen, so you faint for (20 or more?) seconds. I’ve been told by my boyfriend that I have convulsions and my eyes roll back in my head. He gets really freaked out but I come around and he’s calling my name and I can hear him, but can’t figure out how to speak for a few seconds. Then I sit up and usually vomit. If the nausea doesn’t come back, I’m fine. If it reoccurs, I faint again and again. They doctor says there is nothing you can do about it…and it’s not hurting me as long as I can breath. (So if you puke like me, lie on your side when you feel sick)

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