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91 year old with syncopal episodes-

From: Joan Collins


My mother who has been dx'd with colon cancer in March has chosen to do a wholistic approach to dealing with the cancer. She is mostly on a raw food diet as perscribed by Hippicrates Health Institute. She takes multiple supplements. She had a syncopal episode in May while riding in a car. She loses bladder control. She had needed to have a bowl movement but was not able to get to a bathroom because of being in a car on the highway. SHe passed out and we took her to the hospital by ambulance and they were unable to detect what the problem was. The ambulance drivers said it appeared to be a vaso vagal response. Once she was able to get to have a BM she felt better and the dizziness left her. The second episode occurred in the early evening after having several hours of diziness. She was eating in hopes it would stop the diziness but when she stood up she passed out. The 3rd and 4 th episodes just occurred and she had not eaten for about 8 hours. She had been experienceing dizziness for several hours. The last episode she was eating normally but the dizziness had not completely abated from the first episode. Each time after having a bowel movement the diziness seems to go away and she feels better. She has remained extremely exhausted since these two episodes have occurred only days ago. She has been remarkable active prior to this. I believe these episodes have exhausted her adrenal glands. SHe is on Synthroid and also has rheumatoid arthritis that manifests only in her toe. Please share any experiences or solutions that anyone has found. Thanks Joan Collins

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