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My 12 yr old son was dx with VV syndrome

From: Diane


My son was recently hospitalized due to a severe episode of VV syndrome. It was so severe that he was having neurological deficits on the left side of his body, gait disturbance and couldn't see out of his right eye. His heart rate increases so rapidly and doesn't stop. He was beating at 124 bpm during this last episode at rest! I am quite concerned about him. I know nothing about this and the doctor's are all puzzled as to why it's so severe. They decided the root of his problem was cardiac. We have an appt with a pediatric cardiologist in two weeks. I'm a nervous wreck. This child has hardly had a cold in his entire life and now they're talking like a heart problem. This was my son's third episdoe in three weeks. Never had them prior to that. It was so prolonged (72 hours) that he told me he felt like he was dying. That would account for the anxiety that seems to accompany these episodes for him. They have all occured at differant times and during differant situations so there seems to be no pattern. That makes it even more difficult to understand. I have hypoglycemia so I understand that feeling as it has hit me in the bathroom when I was having low blood sugar but I'm learning to manage my hypoglycemia, thus I don't have the VV episodes much. Mine were never like his and were gone within a few mins. I very concerned about him and he's so afraid of it happening again. I'm trying to remain positive and strong for him and give him the only advice I know to at this point: be careful, drink plenty of water and don't get upset. It's hard for a 12 yr old to stop and slow down and think about what's going on. I'm scared about what we might find out and just trying to understand all this.

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