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Re: naproxen sodium (Aleve)

From: The First time I took Aleve


I took one tablete during the day and that night I had trouble sleeping. In the early mornign hours I felt somethign I never felt before. Like I wanted to crawl out of my skin. I tried to sleep but I started to sweet, had bad chills, felt nautious. dizzy and became more scared not noing what was going on. I never passed out because I was lying down the entire time. I went to the doctor and my blood work ekg came back negative. Well my next episode occurred after my great dog passed away . I did take an Advil that day in the morning and that next morning I felt the same way again. This time I started to drive to work after feeling better I thought . Well I got worse in the car and passed out driving. I was very lucky no one was hurt just a banged up car. I went the hospital where when I sat down in the emergency room I passed out again in My wifes arms. Scared the heck out of her. In the emergency room I alerted the nurse to that feeling I was getting again and they saw a 5 seconfd delay in my heart rate on the monitor. After all testing they saw a healthy heart ang good blood. My blood pressure and cholesterol are great. I am not going to take anymore Aleve or Advil or anything like it . I was put on Metoprolol 50 mg. I have another doctors appointment in a Month. Well I am going to make some habit changes in my life. Less stress., less coffee, and eat better and hope I don't have this occur anymore.

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