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Help clarifying whether I fainted on one incident

From: Anonymous


Hi I am a schoolgirl and I need help clarifying whether I passed out about five months ago. We were having this school sports day celebration and we all had to run and cheer towards a spectator's stand. It was very hot and there was no shelter. Anyway, I started to feel really sick and sticky and hot but luckily the cheering session started and I ran with everyone else. Suddenly I felt very dizzy and the whole field turned red, then dark red, then black. It started flickering like on a spoilt TV screen, you know? Then when I reached the stairs up the stand where everyone was walking up, my knees just gave way. I didn't know what was happening and I was scared so I just tried to stand up. My friend beside me was asking if I was ok and I got up and ran to the stand and sat there for like 10 mins feeling very sick and tired. I felt like I was going to really faint but after 30 min I was ok. Does anyone know if this is passing out? I mean when I collasped onto the field I could still think and everything and try to pull myself up, but I thought when people pass out they are like totally out, like when they sleep. Does anyone know if in that incident, I really fainted or I just felt a bit sick?

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