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From: ydirks


How often were your episodes?

We are almost at our wits end to find some kinda relief.

My daughter is a Type A personality, but we never considered her very stressed. She is a feature twirler and has been in accelerated classes all her life. She does well under pressure and has never had a problem. I find it odd that she would start fainting because of stress at the age of 16. I don't think it has too much to do with her menstration cycle, other than we can count on an episode the day right before or day of starting. She does complain with loose bowels frequently.

To be honest we just can't find a common thread to all of these spells. They seem so random, but we have always been able to explain them away. She was too hot, she was hungry, she just got a shot, she had blood work, she was fussing with boyfriend, she hasn't had enough sleep.... But why does she pass out and others don't in the same situations. It seems her BP should shoot up rather than bottom out.

Thank you so much for the info.... I will research these and ask her Dr if he might change her to these.



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