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Re: infant with Vaso Vagal



About a year ago, I started feeling "funny". By feeling funny, I mean I felt dizzy, light -headed, faint, sweaty, sometimes even a little nausea. It was, and still is an extremely scary feeling for me. I have never actually fainted though. It all started while I was taking evening classes at a local college. Just sitting in the room I had these symptoms. For a long time I chose to ignore them, I am still young and I thought it was probably a lack of something in my diet causing me this feeling. This feeling dissapated a little during the winter months (didn't happen as often), and then resumed full force this spring/summer. That is when I knew it was definitly something and went to my doctor. He immediatly thought it could be vaso vagel and referred me to a cardiologist. My cardiologist confirmed what my doctor had thought. I am scheduled to have the tilt-table test done next week. When the doctor had told me more about vaso vagel, I felt so much at ease since this all started! Finally I know what is wrong with me, such a relief! I also know it is not serious and I am completly fine. He said that only 1% of our population have this--we actually feel when our blood pressure drops and that is why we feel faint and can even faint. The way he explained it to me was that there is absolutly nothing wrong with me, it is what is going on around me (outside factors) making me feel this way. He told me this can usually go away in people after some time, but it can also stay wth people for a long time (each person is different). He showed me some simple exercises to do when I feel this way and the symptoms will go away. Upon getting my tilt table test results back, I may need to go on medication, which is the last resort for this condition. I hope my story helps some of you out there. Oh, just a couple of other tips my cardiologist gave me, if you are sitting still this more likely to happen and if it is warm or stuffy where you are. He also said to increase my salt intake a little as this will help with my symptoms. I would love to hear feed back from anyone who has this! Thanks!

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