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From: Christiane in VA


From what I've read and from my own personal experiences, I am now looking at stress being one the the key contributors for my VVS attacks.

What brings me to this conclusion (again, for myself) is that it seems stress goes straight to my gut. When this happens, I usually get cramping and diarhea and it's all a chain effect after this: stress leads to diarhea which leads to cramping which leads to VVS (with all its glory of symptoms) which now leads to (or is preceeded by) panic attacks. And the reverse is now happening where I have a panic attack just from the fear of potentially having a VVS attack which leads to ultimately having one for real... It's physical, but now it's also mental.

So this said, I am on Nulev to prevent digestive spasms when I start feeling ill in my abdomen, I take Xanax if I feel the symptoms of a panic attack coming on. However I think I might be looking at talk-therapy (Psychologist of some sort) to alleviate daily stresses. I am also going to try to exercise more to relieve stress as well (heard that was a good way, although not to overexert!). AND, per many people's recommendations I will keep guzzling huge amounts of water to thin the blood and prevent fainting spells.

I refuse to think that we have to be on a daily pill for the rest of our days. I believe that the more I panic about panicking the situation is getting worse therefor I'm going that route: of resolving stress issues and changing some daily routines which might add to the load.

Any thoughts on this anyone?

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