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Re: VVS?!? Boy, I wish I had known what it was all these years!

From: Christiane in VA


in a way I feel lucky to know what fainting or the 'about to faint' feeling is. Most people I speak to have never felt that kind of dizziness and definitely haven't passed out cold. So this said, I know when it's coming and stay conscious long enough to 'brace' myself.

Yes, I do elevate my feet but quite honestly, if the blood pressure drops, it just drops and no matter how high my feet are I still faint.

The meds are working ok I guess. I hate to think that at the age of 34 I have to take medication DAILY. I mean, there's got to be a better solution. I did try the anti-spasmic medication for a week, but unfortunately even with a large intake of water was massively constipated and this time, when BM got crazy in that spot of my abdmomen I felt VVS coming on. So now, I 'm back to taking the Nulel on a need-to basis, which might be a few days in a row, but them if there's a day where I do feel fine, I give my body a break from chemicals. And I only take Xanax when I have the heart palpitaions and sign of an attack coming on.

Having young kids at home, I find I am not functional on either these medications. They both make me extremely tired and groggy.

Definitely nice to have found this site, thanks for replying!

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