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Re: can you stop breathing after you lose conciousness from a...

From: Diane


HI. I just recently found, in my medical notes, that VV is what the doctors believe happened to me. I have started looking for info on this as I was never told that was what I had. Alittle history, I was with my husband grocery shopping 3-7-04. I felt fine, we had been out for the day, ate at KFC buffet around 3 in the afternoon. We were at the grocery store around 6 PM. We stopped in the dairy section and when my husband picked up stick butter, I tried to tell him that we needed tub. I couldn't think of the word and felt very confused. Then, felt like I was looking in the tunnel and that is all i remember until approx 11 PM that evening when I realized I was in the ER!!! I stopped breathing, lips turned blue, not to mention the stitches I had in the back of my head from the fall. Thank GOd for my husband, he got me breathing again!! I was out for approx 20 minutes and ended up staying in the hospital for 3 days. My blood pressure is usually right where it should be....mine was high when I arrived at the ER, but my blood sugar was low. I now get dizzy spells and have been instructed to check my BP and sugar at this time. I find that my BP drops, but not the sugar levels. It is weird. I have had all the tests, EKG, EEG, Catscans, Cariolite stress tests......and all are normal!!! It appeared that I may have had a mini seizure when this happened. Not sure!!! I have problems still sometimes when I can't keep my balance and have fallen several times. But I haven't had any more fainting spells. I was 46 at the time and I have NEVER had any problems with fainting until this happened. I would love to hear from other about this. Oh, the doctor has me taking a baby aspirin a day...that is the only treatment.

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