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Everyday I can feel it...

From: Aaron 25


The first time It happened I was at my local public bar in Brisbane,Australia and A friend had had a rugby injury, He showed his wrist and described how it happened, Immediately i felt nauseous and had to walk outside for some fresh air, about 5 mins later I hit the floor and passed out, apparently I was only out for about 5 secs but after felt the cold sweat and nausea again. My girlfriend took me home and I just went to sleep. The next day i went to the doctors and he said everything was fine with a stupid smirk on his face like i was just talking out my A**! I couldn't belive it!. About 2 months later I had my second episode, I was at work doing a first aid course as required by my boss, I hit the floor after we started talking about cuts and broken arms etc etc, I was out for approx 30 secs they said, And went to a Hospital, The doctor there ran a few tests and diagnosed me with V.V. After that episode, a year ago, hardly a day has gone by without feeling a state of nausea, I have since moved to the U.K. which was a REAL effort even to get on a plane, and still get the old dizzy spells on a regular basis. I leave the house to go to work and then straight home, I dont know what it is but sometimes i feel like...I'm here standing in my body but very strange like im watching a tv show of my life, I wish that I could just go back to the way I was before without feeling an absolute nervous wreck everytime I go down to the shops, standing in a queue trying to keep myself from passing out.

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