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I had another one this AM

From: Jean


Interesting. I took xanax years ago for panic disorder. It always left me feeling sleepy. I had another spell this morning. I woke up this morning to put the dog out, did one flight of stairs, and came back up to take a shower before work. I went to "go" to the bathroom, and it started. It felt weak, so I went to my bed, the whower still on, and managed to get my feet up on one pillow before I became almost frozen in place. I was fully aware, but unable to move, extremely weak, shallow breathing. I did drink some Gatoraide, but then couldn't hold the bottle and spilled some. I put that down and laid there for over an hour. I was able at that point to call out of work, and still the shower was running!!! I think it was on for almost 1 1/2 hours while I lay on my bed, listening to it. I started thinking about the hot water bill, so I guess I was feeling better. I slept off and on until 1pm when my ex-husband called me (oh no!!!!! not again). I didn't have another spell tho, thank God. I got up and was fine all day, but I am worried now about wehn it will happen again. My husband called (he works in NY during the week) and when I told him I was lying on the bed again in the afternoon, he asked me if I was waiting for it to happen again lol! I am wiped out now, and have to get up to work in the morning. I am getting so that I am worrying about this. I used to just move on after one of these when I thought it was my low blood sugar. But now that I know it's my blood pressure, I am kinda freaked.

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