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Re: Is Stomach associated?

From: Rick Wright


I get those flutters on occassion after a meal, usually a heavy meal and usually after the evening meal. It comes and goes, however. If I go on a diet or in some way change my eating routine, they typically go away. When I get them, they typically come for a brief period, weeks to one to two months. My doc gave me a script for ...Tenormin? It helped be making the flutters a little less threatening. I also got a stress test and came through well. The cardiologist said when my heart was stressed, there were no flutters at all. If there were, then he'd be more alarmed. He just kinda blew it off. Even though, at that time, the flutters were pronounced and frequent....not just limited to after meals. That was the worst period I went through with them. Lasted amybe 4-6 months and went away. I may have done the diet thing to help them go away. Now I just get them rarely and very briefly. It was like a stage I went through. That was oh....12-15 years ago. I'm 55 now. How old are you now?

Anyway, I don't think it's related to the vaso-vagal syndrome we're all referencing here. These are very specific symptoms that go way past just annoying.

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