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Vaso Vagel

From: tJerry


Last Friday, 7-16-04, I was working out at the local YMCA in the weight room, when I began to fell somewhat strange. I stopped my regimen and proceeded towards the locker room. However, I interrupted my trip and stopped to sit on a chair in a conference room. Since I was having difficulty staying alert, continued on to the locker room. By then I knew that I was having a problem staying conscious, so knelt on the floor draped across a low stool. By then I knew my condition was becoming worse, so lay down on the floor.

Fortunately some other members found me, and had the Y staff contact the paramedics. While waiting their arrival was told by one of the men that I was quite pale, and that my lips were blue.

The paramedics, on arrival, immediately took my blood pressure, and found it very low. They then proceded to tranport me to Emergency. Enroute, they started an IV, and queried me as to the events leading up to this incident.

I spent from 10:30 am until 7 pm in the ER. Blood was drawn on several occasions, had chest xrays, and several other tests. Medical personnel in the ER couldn't understand what caused my problem, and insisted that I be assigned bed in the hospital. Blood was drawn several times during the night, and my blood pressure was also taken, 120/80.

During the day on Saturday I underwent numerous tests EKG, ultra sound, carotid artery, doeppler, stress tests,and Echo Cardiogram. Incidentally, with resspect to the stress tests monitored by a Dr. Brown, I passed with flying colors, not bad, according to the doctor for an 82 year old male.

Sometime Friday my wife contacted my son-in-law, a paramedic in Florida, and explained what had occurred. He, in turn, spoke with a doctor friend. My son-in-law, then contacted my wife to say that it was felt that I had experienced a vaso vagal incident. This is most interesting, since undergoing all the complex tests, the physician handling my discharge, also felt that I had experienced a vaso vagel incident.

This is the first time that such an experience has occurred. I'm a very active 82 year old. Work out in the weight room three times a week, and walk eighteen holes of golf three times each week.

Hopefully I'll never undergo such an experience again, but naturally would like to know if such an experience could again occur.

Oh yes, the day of my experience hadn't partaked of food since late in the afternoon of the day before.

Hopefully this narrative hasn't been, either too long or boring.

Thank you for this opportunity to tell of my experience/

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