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From: Linda in Va.


Hi, I don't know if vaso-vagal is what happened to me. But I've always wondered. Recently my sister-in-law was explaining to me what happens to her when she gets overheated and said that her doctor called it vaso-vagal. So I began to research. I haven't experienced it since 29 years ago. And it happened to me 4 times. The first time, I was 11 years old. My parents took me to Washington DC. I was in the capitol building and they grouped all of us children in a circle to view the dome. As I got ready to do that, I began to black out sort of, sweat popped up on my back and I could see swirling blackness. I could still hear everything around me but began reaching for my parents. Once my mother put cold wet paper towels on me, I began to come to and was OK. I had been very excited because I loved President Kennedy and excited to be that close to him. I hadn't eaten alot that day. Then second time was maybe a year or two afterwards. This was in the hot summertime. It was at a family reunion. I hadn't eaten much and it was so hot. The third time was early morning, in the summer, and I hadn't eaten, going on a fishing trip. And the last time, was on my wedding day. I remember I had eaten 2 cheese sandwiches that day. I made it through the wedding but during the photos, I told my husband I had to sit down. I had the black swirling going on and the sweat popped up on my back. I never saw a doctor about it. In fact, I don't think I ever thought to mention it. But I had begun thyroid medication a couple of months before my wedding. I'm wondering if this could be adrenal related? Could treatment for the thyroid strengthened the adrenals enough so that it hasn't happened again? My sister-in-law has had several brain surgeries so that she has no pituitary left. She takes a replacement for all her hormones. I suspect that becoming overheated, is extra stress for her and she should be taking extra cortisol. That's my theory anyway. I was wondering what you think about all this.

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