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My wife just had an attack

From: Jay


My wife awoke early this morning, 4:00am, to prepare for a early morning flight. On the way to the bathroom she stubbed her toe and fell in a sitting position on her suitcase. It sraped her thigh, and bruised her toe. She sat there for a minute and then went on to use the bathroom,#1. After sitting there thinking about the pain she got up and went over to her vanity and started getting ready. She then felt extremly nasua as she turned to start the shower. Thats all she remembers till she saw me standing over her asking her if she was ok. From my part I awoke when I heard a commotion and then saw her laying face up on the bathroom floor. She appeared to be having a siezure of some sort, her jaw was so tightly siezed that I couldnt open it to check her air way. She was moaning and eyes where open. After 3-4 mintes she came to slowly to the point she knew she was on the floor. She had a pain under her chin and her left arm was tingling. She has been on blood pressure medication since she was 30, so she has good idea of what her pulse should be and she felt it was low. She remained nauseated for a couple hours and got sick to her stomach. She spent a couple of hours in the emergency room and was released about an hour ago. The doctor diagnosed her with Vasal Vagal Syndrome. Of course we will get her in to see our family doctor, but I'm curious has anyone experinced the siezures with VVS? Does this sound like VVS?

Thanks, Jay

PS She is 39 years old.

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