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Had a Vaso Vagal response today and am worried

From: Angela


I went in today to have an IUD inserted (birth control). When my OB/GYN pinched my cervix to start the procedure, I had severe cramping and it hurt. Typically in the past when I experience pain like this, I get nauseated, feel light-headed, etc. But normally I have to injure myself pretty good or be giving blood (which I don't do anymore because I pass out most of the time). The last thing I remember is the nurse telling me that it was ok and then things went crazy for me. I had sudden flashes of my life, which I don't remember now, and then I felt myself being pulled upward. I felt my body jump out of the stirrups and I opened my eyes to the doctor & nurse. It felt like I was in a dream and I had no idea where I was or why I was there. The nurse said that my head had rolled to the side but my eyes were open the whole time. The doctor said that I'd had a Vagal response when he inserted the IUD that lasted 10 sec. I felt really weird, although by that time I had remembered why I was there. They had me lay down for a little bit but I continued to feel sick for the remainder of the day. Are Vaso Vagal responses prone to certain people? I also get motion sickness pretty bad. Any information on experiences like mine would be helpful. My doctor did say that this was a "typical" response when a patient was not "pre-medicated". Apparently the nurse was supposed to have given me some meds to reduce my cramping but had forgotten.

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