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Re: They tell me its all in my head!

From: Jade


Thankyou for believing me! I will definitly check these things out. I prayed all last night to find some one who can help me. I am just glad that some one understands that what I am going through is real and not faked or made up in my head. No I have never been tested for this because they didn't believe me. The only tests they did were the MRI and the EEG which proved nothing. The first time I had a seizure in front of my mom it freaked her out(I was probably about 5). She didn't know what to do, but when I laughed afterwards (purely reactional) she beat my butt and told me I was doing it for attention(my dad had left and remarried). That scared me, and I started to hide it from people. When my current boyfriend moved in because I was pregnant with his child I couldn't hide it from him anymore and he didn't know what to do either. So when the doctors told us it was not real it frustrated him too. He saw what I was going through and did what he could to help me (God bless he Loves me sooooo much). But he still dosen't know exactly what to do. I tell him just to talk to me and keep me in this world, because sometimes it feels like I am going to float right off the face of the planet. He strokes my head and sings silly songs to me to help me deal, and when I am done shaking he holds me and makes sure I am still breathing. He is a Godsend. Anyway thankyou again and I hope you receive a blessing for the help yoou have given me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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