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Re: They tell me its all in my head!

From: Becca



I can completely sympathise with you, my doctors also told me I was 'doing to myself' in fact I came very close to being locked in mental hospital because they said I could not possibly be physically ill. Luckily I spoke to Trudie who runs a charitable trust regarding this condition and she was able to put me in contact with a doctor who believes the condition is real, the trusts website is at

Please don't worry too much about it, you are not mad and it is not all in your head, I know when I was going through what you are I felt completely alone in what I was experiencing, all the people I spoke to online about it whilst appaulled (and supportive) coudn't really understand how this could happen (being called mad I mean).

You really need to try a different doctor, on who specialises in the condition. Also have you had a tilt test done? That is the main test for the condition (apparently!).

I suggest you try Trudie, she is contactable through stars, though she is based in the UK like me, she is lovely and very helpful. I am sure that she will know of doctors you could see the the US or at least know someone who does.

Alternatively there is another message board available online at many of the people who go there have this condition and can offer support like here, there are usually posts about various Drs who have been supportive (these are usually US based) personally I mail on both - they are both really helpful.

All the best, and good luck, don't let them get you down! ; )

Take care, Becca.

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