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They tell me its all in my head!

From: Jade


For a long time (as long as I can remember) I have passed out and gotten dizzy suddenly for no reason. The doctors I have seen tell me I am doing it to myself for some reason and I am emotionally disturbed looking for attention. Their solution is to perscribe me "happy pills" and no further then that. I recently found out through prodding the doctor, that I have hypoglysemia. They still don't really want to recognize that as real. I went into the doctor complaining of seizures and blackouts. They scanned my brain and did eeg tests and found nothing to their satisfaction. Thus making me feel like I was "making it all up."But I am not! Please help. This is what happens: I start getting very irritable during the day I feel like I am going to seize. I can tell because it is a certain feeling. I live in this body everyday, I know how it feels. I know what is normal and what is not. It starts with a very weak feeling from the moment I get up, then progresses to a racing heart, and palpitations, a mean attitude, emotional upset over nothing, muscle tension and tightness, clenching of the teeth, usually heightens with an argument(brought on by me because of the way I feel), and then a trembling of my entire body to the point I lay down where ever I can and shake for about anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes while grinding and sucking my teeth. The doctors frustrated me by saying its not siezures because I can tell what I am doing. But its been going on for so long How could I not know what my body is doing. I can tell what is going on around me for the most part but I can't do anything to stop what I am doing. It feels like lightning passing through my body and waves of heat go from the top of my brain to the bottom of my spine. Afterwards I am dazed and don't really want to move. Sometimes I laugh, which is strange but I can't control it. After that I usually start to cry because I get a huge migraine and my whole body hurts. I have had MRI imaging done on my entire spine due to an accident and no damage! I have a degenerated disk on the c4 and c5 levels but that would not cause this would it? I am desperate please help. I know how to eat right and keep my sugar at good levels but this still happens, mostly around my menstral period. I have been able to cut them down by trying to keep a stable balance of emotions but they still happen. Please tell me what I can do, thankyou. Jacksonville, Fl

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