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Re: Article 394

From: BP


I have had the exact same symtoms you describe. Years of panic disorder along with the bowel movement vision panic disorder problem. I relieved much of my anxiety by eating high protein with lots of whole fruits and veggies. I found hypoglycemia causes panic attacks. So I eat more protein with raw fruits and veggies. I also cut out all grains. No rice or even oatmeal. I limit grains to one slice of whole wheat bread a day. I also eat every 2 hours. I also found soy products and products which contain soybean oil also causes panic anxiety. Also all beans, peanuts and peas I can't eat as well. No coffee, tea chocolate or any sugar. I still get the bowel movement panic vision problem you describe. I found if I drink alot of water and add figs, prunes and prune juice to my meals bowel movements seem less prone to these symtoms. I believe eating high water content foods like watermelon helps this problem. I think grains and starches slows the movement through the intestinal track and triggers the symtoms you descibe. You want a diet which the foods you eat simply slide through your intestinal track easily so it will not trigger the symtoms. The diet isn't easy but it beats the anxiety panic attacks. I'm still experimenting but I think I'm on the right track. Hope this helps. BP

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