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Re: vaso-vagal syncopy

From: Tracy C. in Wisconsin 5-18-04


Hi Ken, I read your article and thought you may benefit from some more input that may help you. I am 29 yrs. od and was diagnosed with Syncopy in Feb. 2003. I have only one episode where I was walking through my diningroom and the next thing I remember is waking up & looking under my diningroom table. I did not have any prior symptoms etc. I went to the doctor and had a brain scan, several e.k.g.'s, full body x-rays and bloodwork done. The conclusion from all of this was that everything was fine, other than that I learned I have a slight heart murmor.) I was told that I should check in with my doctor in a couple of days if anything else happend. I spoke with my doctor a couple of days later who refered me to a heart doctor for some more tests. One of the tests that was performed that day was called a tilt table test. The day I went in for the test I was told to lay down on a table and my blood pressure was monitored for awhile. It was noted that my blood pressure seemed quite lower than normal (130/64) normal is 120/80 range. (This is odd because I have high blood pressure) I was then strapped to the table and the whole bed tipped up in almost a complete verticle position so that my head was down by the floor. I was left like that for a minute or two, and then the bed was tilted completely the other way so I was standing on the floor still strapped to the bed. I was told that they were testing me for a nerve disorder called syncopy. I was told that I would need to stand there for 20 minutes. If I passed out at any time I was positive for the disorder. The doctor sat in a chair opposite where I was standind and just observed me, asked how I was feeling etc. at 18 mins. I started to feel slightly dizzy and like I was getting short of breath, I remember my face felt flushed/hot and then cool/clammy. At 20 mins. I told the doctor my eye sight was blurring so the doctor told the nurse to leave me a couple of more minutes, at 22 minutes I passed out cold. I woke up not more than a minute later dizzy feeling, and fatigued. I tested positive for the disorder. To make a longer story short I returned to the doctor and he put me on a medication called propranolol used to treat syncopy. 10mg once a day for the rest of my life. Today is May 19, 2004 and I have not passed out since. If you haven't come up with the cause yet, I would ask for your doctor to set you up with that test, your symptoms are like mine were. I hope this helps you. Good Luck! Tracy in Wisconsin

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