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Re: VVS After Effects - Light Headed

From: Jeanne


Your episode is not too unlike mine. The episode I had in December came after walking around the San Diego zoo for about 5 hours and then walking to nearby museums and an art fair, and it seemed like I walked forever before I found where the taxis where. I was exhausted. I came back to the hotel, had a nice late dinner with one glass of wine, and later listened to music in the hotel with my son and ordered a beer. I had two sips and felt something wasn't right and brought the beer up to the room for my husband. I went to sleep utterly exhausted from the day and I woke up around 1:30 a.m. when I had my episode. I had several close episodes for a couple of months but never had a full passing out. It's subsided and haven't had any problemsms recently except when I was taking down 25 shelves of books and putting them back ( a lot of ups and downs in that). I rested when I felt 'off' and nothing happened. I've resisted taking anything for this condition. Many years ago when I had a similar bout my doctor said, "If you were my wife I'd want you to be on ...." I tried whatever it was for a week and my mood swings were unbelievable. I went off it and never took anything else. I don't say this is right for everyone, especially if you have any heart involvement but I'm in my 60's, a type 2 diebetic, lost 25 pounds since December and feel pretty good overall. I thought my episode was related to my diabetes but that didn't prove to be the case.

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