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Vagal Syndrome - almost 10 years

From: Amanda G.


I started with the fainting thing when i was about 8 years old. Sometimes I would faint when I got to hot. Sometimes I would faint when I had to get my finger pricked when I went to the doctors. They told me I would grow out of it. Well, from about 12 to 14 years old I didn't have any passing out spells. I started back having them about 3 years ago. And they get worse everytime. When I was little I fainted, woke up, and vomited. Now I know when I am about to faint, and I just black out. Usually I can tell someone before I faint so they won't be to alarmed. And when I wake up I usually faint again. It just drains all of my energy and I can't walk or even stand for the rest of the day. One of my recent "spells" was at Wal-Mart shoping center. I was getting my eyes checked, and the woman done one of those eye puffs on me. Well she done both of my eyes, and I was fine. Then, she wanted to do my left eye again. Well after she done the left eye again I started to black out. I then told my mother and she said after I told her she had to catch me from falling out of the stool that I was sitting in. They put me on the floor and called 911. I went out again, and it was like I was dreaming, and then I woke up. I can't take this anymore. But they said there is nothing to get rid of it or help it. I hate it. I have never felt so lost or weird. I don't know what is causing me to do this. I am afraid that I will not be able to have children. I am now 16 years old, I will be 17 on April 13th!. If you have any information or anything that might help me, please e-mail me at

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