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Tilt test & other stuff :)

From: Becca


Tilt test/tables have become a bit of a fasination for me. My determination to find out how it 'proved' mental illness has finally paid off!

Have just discovered how doctors can use a tilt test to see if VV symptoms are caused by stress/psychosomatic illness.

Apparently VV syncope is diagnosed as being stress/psychosomatic if there is "no drop in blood pressure/heart rate and the patient still experiences symptoms".

I found this out in a journal article I had been hunting for (and found electronically on the Internet).

This was of fasination to me as I was told that my symptoms were proven to be mental because of my tilt test results. However, having looked at the results and compared it, the fact that my blood pressure and heart rate went down (though not as much as for other people who use this forum) proves it cannot be psychosomatic and THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG!

HOOOORAY!!!!! I think. Next challenge to find out what is going wrong :)

I have now begun my job. The job is going okay, though I am finding it difficult to do it because I am not allowed to work alone and have to have someone with me all the time, which is annoying and I must share an office (which is okay) and have someone go with me to the toilet - annoying.

Anyway in other news I have my appointment with a _specialist_ in VV at the end of April. I am going, even though my GP says I am wasting the consultants professional time and I will still be 'locked away' if I continue to give myself symptoms - IDIOT!.

I Am trying to work out questions to ask that won't make it sound like I am really pissed at the last consultant and how he refuses to treat me because he says I am mentally ill (which will be hard). Does anyone have any experience of asking about various treatment options?

Anyway I must get back to work, Take care, Becca.

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