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Re: After 24 years, finally this makes sense

From: Jill


I started taking zoloft November of last year. I was on 100 mg and I had my good days and bad. At my worst, I fainted on an airplane early on but overall it did seem to cut down on the frequency of my panic attacks/anxiety. Then when I thought everything was going well, I came very close to fainting in a restaurant. I felt like I was starting all over, once again I was pretty much housebound. I was afraid to go anywhere but the grocery store for fear of fainting. I had several incidents where I was in traffic and would just have a thought of something that would bother me and next thing I know, I'm getting dizzy, sweaty, my ears were buzzing. I thought I was going to pass out and have an accident. That's when I was bumped up to 200 mg and have since seen all the doctors. I had avoided all doctors for many years because of the VVS. I must say I'm finally feeling a little better. Maybe it's just relief that there is a name to it, I was tired of no one taking it seriously. I'm also tired of explaining to the EMT's that I just faint for stupid reasons and yes, my blood sugar is fine and yes, if you check my blood sugar, I will faint again, and no I don't want to go to the hospital! My cardiologist told me that it is very common for people with VVS to have panic attacks. My pdoc gave me some breathing and muscle tension exercises that seem to help some with the anxiety. Basically, I just take it day by day. My sister and my dad both have suffered from this so at least I have a lot of support, just trying to be optomistic.

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