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Re: After 24 years, finally this makes sense

From: Jill


I can sympathize, my symptoms are exactly the same. I have been fainting since I was 18 months old, I'm now 35. I have fainted over blood, injections, medical stories, pain, etc. I never heard of vasovagal until I started researching it myself, my pediatrition would always say, it's common, she'll grow out of it. I hadn't had a full black out episode in many years and last year I was in a bar and hit my knee under the table and passed out and had a seizure. After that, I started having panic attacks again which made the fear of fainting even worse. I had several more fainting incidents with seizures following that. By way of my pdoc, I ended up going for a complete physical, which then led me to a neuroligist, I had an EEG done a few days ago. He then sent me to a cardiologist. By the time I told him my whole story, he said no need for a tilt table, it was clearly VVS. So he gave me some suggestions on what I can try to do to help, I'm going to have a ECG, and I'm going to wait a little while and see if the 200 mg of zoloft which I'm on for panic attacks will help with the VVS. It was nice to finally be able to talk to someone who didn't think I was crazy. Just letting you know you're not alone.

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