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Re: Night time V-V



Another fainting spell after waking at night, crunching lightly on toilet as I have a strong urge to go and then gatting up to pace. Sometimes the feeling just goes away but not the last two times. I had a normal pulse the last time for a few minutes, than I laid down on the floor as I got dizzy and raised my legs very high. I tried to find a pulse as consciouness faded but was not able to feel it. Too delerious I think. I woke up with my wife there trying to help (last time I tried to get up and fell through the door as I went down). Learn to stay down or you'll get hurt. She said I was making an awful loud noise followed by a light seizure that woke her up. I don't remember any noise. I don't recall my legs falling to the floor either. I thought they were still up high until I woke up a little more. Unlike last time, my wife did not call 911. She pumped my legs bicycle style and I woke up in a few seconds. Last time she called 911 and 4 firemen and 2 paramedics showed up in our bedroom. I was hoping that raising the legs would help. What I really want to find out is what is happening at night, the only times I faint recently. Is something like allergy, dehydration triggering the vagal nerve to cause fainting or are my big jogging leg veins dilating to cause it or is it my heart slowing or stopping for a little while. Any thoughts? Again, I am going to try more water, salt and gatorade (as I read about below) especially after jogging. I also need to get a pulse monitor. Next time, I told my darling wife I will wake her and then stay in bed to see what happens (no abdomen crunch on toilet and no pacing with blood going to legs). Might take a while as I have only had 2 spells in the last year. She said she will monitorblood pressure and pulse rate (she is a physical therapist). Things that seem to have caused fainting in the past: standing up to fast, toilet crunch, cold drink on back of throat, high stress, dehydration combined with adenaline rush. I control all of these now exept the last two waking at night.

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