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Re: For Cheryl (again)

From: Nancy


It's a good idea Becca suggested to you-- to keep a diary. Some people faint when they turn their head a certain way and/or bend the neck. This cuts the blood supply to the brain and it's nighty night! Did you have a CT scan of your head looking for blockages? I am assuming you had all that because tilt table seems to be the last test they do since it is so costly and time consuming. I had a tilt table test with three trials. The 3rd was the nitroglycerin IV and although I did not faint completely (I was begging them to stop and at the same time saying OK to the cardiologist when he was encouraging me to hang in there) but he got my blood pressure down to 50/20, I was close to fainting. Anyway, nitroglycerin trial mimics dehydration in your body and that is my cause of fainting. The second trial was the drug? IV that makes your heart race. It's suppose to do that. Yeah, it's scary and if they didn't tell you that is what is suppose to happen, wow that would be even scarrier. I had a least 3 people in the room during the test. You only had one? Good luck and I am glad that your heart is ok!

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