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Re: Restaurant episodes

From: No more fancy meals for me?!


I am 29 years old female. I was just diagnosed with Vasovagal Episodes. Like your husband, V V episodes occur after I eat fancy meal with some alcohol. When I engage in moderate activities (walking up the stairs, etc) after the meal, I start to have a difficulty in breathing, then everything in front of me turns white—I become unable to see. In my last vve, I had a chest pain and numbness in my arms. Although I had V V E three times in the last three years (two w/in the last 6 months), I never actually fainted. My doctor told me that there was a sudden drop in the blood pressure because I had had a heavy meal. She also told me that alcohol and sugar aggravate the symptom. (Yes, I do have a sweet tooth.) As I understood, what my Dr. said was a nice way of saying, “my blood was too busy digesting the fancy meal and forgot about my brain.” The problem is that I LOVE eating fancy meals, trying out different restaurants, and above all, trying out different sweets! Although I am relieved to hear that there is nothing wrong with my heart, I am scared to go out for dining now.

Any comments/advice from readers appreciated.

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