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Re: heart stopping



My wife, a physical therapist, swears my heart stops too. I woke up with several firemen in my bedroom and 2 paramedics coming up the stairs. 47 year old male that has had occasional fainting spells (only one or two a year which is very mild compared to some) for 30 years and recently, seizure like action. The fluids, salt and jogging 3x a week (1 marathon now) have helped. Only one episode in the last 2 years. I probably could have avoided that one if I had stayed down. If you are new to this, learn to get down and stay there til you faint or recover. I have also learned that the blood may be pooling in my legs so I am going to try raising them next time. Most of my recent episodes start with me being anxiouos at night, getting up to pace or try a bowel movement. Learn not to squeeze hard as the abdomen crunching can casue it as well. Another episode caused by tiltinghead back and cold drink hitting nerve in back of throat. Another when I was laid off at work -another ambulance-I had no idea what caused it-just let it pass. Bottom line is get down and maybe raise your legs to let blood flow or remove pressure on vagal nerve. don't know if they are a good idea but it helping me. My doctor and cardioligist wanted me to consider a tilt table test, drugs and pacemaker a few years ago but I opted to try to control it.

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