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Memory Loss with VV

From: sabrina


I have had many many of these spells, but Valentines day turned into days worth of memory loss. My husband and I went to see 50 First Dates at the movies and about 1/2 way through I started feeling dizzy. I thought that if I went to the restroom and doused some water on my face it could help (then I would be able to get on with VD), but I get horrible tunnel vision and passed out right there. I came too and walked to find help, I passed out a second time, but someone found me. My husband and I had to leave and wound up spending the rest of the day with me feeling sickly. My memory usually isn't affected, but after these episodes I can't remember doing things. I had the same conversation with my sister-in-law 5 times and don't even rememeber having it once. I have also done work that I already did, because I didn't remember I did it. Saturday I thought I had slept all day, but my inlaws say I was chatting with them and repeating myself over and over. But I have no memory of this. I still remember everything else (as far as I know) such as b-days, holidays, how old I am and regular stuff, but I can't seem to remember most conversations.

I was sent to a brain dct today and hopefully they will find out more. I am going in for an MRI and an EEG this week and will not learn the results until 3/15/04.

I will let you all know how it turns out, but HAVE ANYONE ELSE SUFFERED this type of memory loss?

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