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Re: Night time V-V

From: Lorraine


John: It's been a few months since I checked back here, and I just saw your post re: night attacks. I hope you haven't given up on responses to this post.

You're NOT the only one. I've experienced these attacks for over 10 years, and mine are almost always at night. Awaken from sleep feeling intensely nauseated and VERY light headed. Then the intestinal cramps start. If I don't get up slowly, I faint. By the time I crawl to the bathroom I'm sweating profusely, disoriented, pasty white, very dizzy, and terrified. I usually have diarreah or vomitting. These violent attacks last 15-30 minutes, then it's over. I'm totally exhausted afterwards, but have no real physical after-affects.

Does this sound like your episodes? I was told once that these could be nocturnal panic attacks. But I've also been told that it's vaso-vagal attacks that mimic panic attacks.

It's definitely VV... I occasionally have pre-syncope episodes during the day time, but I've never had a REAL full-blown attack during the day.

Good luck.


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