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Re: concerned mother



Yes, I would just get dizzy out of the blue. I was fine one day at work and the next I wasnt. I was very active too, soccer during the summer and track for four years and riding horses, which also has all ended. I dont loose control of my BM either, but am tired after it happens. I used to pass out only went I had my period from the pain of the cramps, but got that under control but now i seem to get dizzy all the time. I never really passed out because I always knew what to do, put the legs up and what not. I think it starts out as a blood pressure thing and am sure it will always be affected my it, but after awhile you become so scared that it will happen that you can trick yourself into making it worse or just making it happen at all. That is where I am right now. If i go out to a friends, which i do very rarely, then I will make myself dizzy without even knowing it before I go, just for the fact that Im scared I will get dizzy and pass out while im over there, After you have this for awhile your brain takes over and does the thinking without you knowing. Tell your daughter she is not alone in this that there are so many people that have this and one day we will all get over it!

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