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Doctors Opinion

From: Becca


I went to see a consultant who checked my suitability for work. He is the _first_ person who is medically trained that I have seen who didn't tell me I was mad, in fact he went out of his way to reassure me that the condition is _not_ a mental illness and offered me some practical advice.

He did warn me that people with this condition can go to develop depression/anxiety and gave me a list of symptoms, but he said I was obviously a sensible level headed professional woman who was coping well with her illness.

He explained why my vasovagal symptoms are not typical and what has probably caused them (I had an alcohol problem in the past and this can disrupt the heart beat). I can be unconsious for up to 10 minutes, apparently this is rare but can and does happen, likewise my blood pressure dropping when I am standing regardless of whether I am moving around or not (moving around should help apparently).

I was _very_ pleased with his comments. He has a friend who is a GP with the same condition and his friend has recieved comments similar to those I have - which I thought was amazing!

Thought I would share, I don't know if I will get the job or not, as my employer must decide, they can still refuse even though this consultant says it should be fine as long as I avoid my triggers.

Feels great to actually talk to a doctor who has some understanding of my condition and doesn't just say 'stop doing it for attention'.

Fantastic! :)


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