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Anixety or Vaso Vagel?



Does this cause anyone to be in continual fear about getting sick?

I have had several attacks, I refer to them as "the creepy feeling". Sometimes I do not pass out just end up in the bathroom with a sick stomach. I have suffered passing out over the years when I get a flu, feel pain, once after arobics and running.

But 3 years ago it happened when I was out to dinner and had just ordered. All of a sudden I got this tingling on the left side of my head and felt "wierd", ended up in the bathroom several times and thought I was getting the flu. I do remember that I had a decaf Starbucks coffee in the afternoon (I do not drink coffee). As time passed, I would get these episodes while cooking dinner, getting ready to go out, in sales meetings...each time ending up in the bathroom.

When this would happen I got into such a place of fear that I don't know if the panic was causing my physical reaction or vise-versa.

I did not eat in a resturante for over a year due to a fear of getting sick. I notice that most of you have similar traits: low blood pressure, IBS, hypo-glyciemia, which are things that I have.

I do not have a fear of needles, in fact I have sought out alternative medicine and have been having accupucture for the past 3 years. I have also been on Prozac. I might also add that this all started about the same time I started through menopause (I am almost 50).After reading this info, I do see a coralation between hormone flucuations and attacks.

How does everyone else deal with the fear? It is no way to makes me depressed...I am trying hypmosis next.


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