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Vaso Vagal Response Created From General Motors?



I have worked at G.M. since 1995. When I was put on this job, due to another person going out on sick leave from the job, I was exposed to fumes and or chemical case. Prior to being put on this job I had no prior health problems. I went throught all kinds of tests, I thought I was going to die. I had anxiety/panic attacks in public areas and work. I was exposed to these fumes for over a year. Well while I was out on sick leave, 2 women in the same area of this job had their gall bladders out, others suffered from the dizziness or overwhelming feeling. One of the men now has a calostimy (sp), he was perfectly healthy before. One man died, the one who went out on sick leave prior to me, with a pituatary (sp) problem, he used to be a foreman and healthy. The one woman who is currently on the job now, is out on sick leave now. I have paper work to tell all the things that are a safety issue on the parts for the job. Effects of overexposure-If product is heated during processing, vapors may cause eye, throat and nose irritation in some individuals. Primary routes of entry-Inhalation, skin contact. Inhalation of process emissions. Emergency and first aid procedures-Remove affected individual to fresh air. Contact a physician. It also goes on to the next page. Caution:Prolonged heating (approximately 30 minutes or more) of the product above 200 C (392 F) may result in rapid evolution of hydrogen chloride. Well, on the job the pads were heated for 8 hours, with 4 250 watt bulbs. It would look as though the pads were melting, like smoke was coming out. I was on my job every day prior to my sickness and my diagnosis. Back to the paper, Hazardous Decomposition Products- When forced to burn, combustion products will be mainly carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen chloride and small amounts of benzene and aromatic and allphatic hydrocarbons and alefins. Ventilation-If product is heated during processing, local exhaust ventilation should be used to prevent excessive exposure to vapors. I guess then my question would be, from all the information I have typed out here, or I could even fax the info. to you in completion, of any of the gases or vapors I was exposed to, could it have been onset from them? Any info. anyone has I would be helpful to me. They knew that this was a hazardous material to use under the conditions, and still continued to hurt us. Thanks. Lisa

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