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vaso vagal syndrome

From: Amanda


I started having these episodes when i turned 8. The doctors told me i would grow out of it, so i waited. I don't pass out by the sight of blood, but rather by pricking of my finger or if I got to hot. I continued these spells until i reached 14. I thought i had finally grown out of it, after two years of not having these episodes. I started back a few months ago. They are worse than before. They are from weird things such as I went to the eye doctor to get new glasses and they had to do a puff of air in my eyes. she puffed the left eye and i was fine. She puffed the right eye and i was fine. Then she wanted to do the left eye again, she puffed it once then twice then i just knew i was going to have one of my episodes. I motioned for my mother just before everything started blacking out. I fell out of the stool and my mother tried to catch me and lower me to the floor. I felt so awful. This was the worse episode that I have ever had. I woke up to hear them say they were going to have to call 911. I went out again and when i came to the ambulance was their. They checked my blood sugar and told me I needed to go to the hospital. they took three tubes of blood, and gave me an I.V. They gave me a lot of fluids and I felt so much better. yesterday i had to go to the doctors to get my Flu shot. While getting the shot, I had another spell. I was so weak when I came to. I tried to ease my way to a standing position, but when i stood up I felt like I was about to go out again. So they made me sit down and brung me a coke to help my blood sugar and some crackers so I could have something in my stomach. after I ate the crackers and sippd on the coke I felt so much better. I regained enough of my strength to finally stand and felt much better. I made it out to the car and slept all day when I got home. It's funny how a puff in the eye can make me do this and when they take blood i'm fine.

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