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DRIVING - You need to know



I have been told that many doctors are saying there is nothing to worry about when driving because you are sitting. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!! My accident could have caused death to many people - I went through a red light durring rush hour and a busy intersection just from a little sting that didn't even hurt.

My doctors wife also has this and she is not allowed to drive at all. People with this problem need to be aware that it can happen at anytime and you need to have a plan if you are on the ROAD - This si very very very important. STOP your car imediately - I don't care if you are in the middle of the freeway get stopped ASAP and then YOU MUST PUT YOUR CAR IN PARK - I was stopped, but when fainting I slammed on the gas. You need to know it could hit you anytime - while standing or sitting

My advise know your triggers - this is the most important thing

If you have a trigger do not drive that day at all - I now do not drive after being cut, poked, stung, or even when I see the dentist.

This can be very serious if you do not know how to recognize ALL your triggers!!!!!! Remember the little things. If your trigger is heat - a hot shower may set you off or a hot cup of coffee durning a time where you are already warm.

PLEASE listen to this - I wish I would have known this before I got into my car that day. I have nightmares and am just so worried about causing an even worse accident

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Last changed: June 22, 2007