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Re: vagal



Where are you located? I am in Hawaii - Oahu (I know several Army guys leaving in 60 days)

I have had this since I was little, but I could never imagine going to war with this. Alot of people say salt and lots of water will help - I would avoid the salt, because you will not want to dehidrate yourself in the desert. If you took sodium pills this could help, but I would take at night.

I think lots & lots of water would be best. I know several people that are leaving in Feb. and if most the army guys are like the ones I know they will understand. Most of them have fears of their own and health problems of there own too. Many soldiers have knee problems and other ailments. These may not be the same, but if you take precautions you can stop the fainting. I have learned that your body usualy can stop them if you let it. If you feel like sitting down for a moment do so, or if you feel thirsty make sure to drink. This is your body saying I need something. If you just stop for a moment and take a drink that could make all the difference.

It has to be difficult, because where you are going isn't going to be the easiest place to sit down or drink whenever you need to.

Good luck in Irac - I will be praying for you as well as all of my freinds and everyone else.

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