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Sharing our first diagnosted episode

From: Thank for sharing with us...


My husband 42 - rushed to hospital 11/18 - sharp pain in back, became faint feeling, turned white, felt hot, sweat beads broke out on forehead, laid head down on desk and reported fainted by staff - however swears he remembers everything. This happened while at work during a staff meeting. Blood pressure dropped to 62/41, check by staff member with high blood pressure who keeps cuff @ office, eyes rolled back in head. Layed down by staff on floor - knees lifted per 911 immediately color came back, felt good. Did have the urge to use the bathroom upon recovering. Paramedics guessed possible anuresm because of pain location. Checked his blood sugar at 100 (good) - had eaten lunch 1 1/2 hour prior. E-R Dr. apparently felt same from symptoms and immediately started test for anuresm MRI, could not do CAT w/dye as allergic to. None found (Thank God), next EKG, Stress Test, etc. to rule out heart issues. Passed with flying colors. Given a clean bill of health after over night observation of heart monitoring - diagnosted VesoVegal Episode. In looking back he had a blood test early that morning for a check-up and is absolutely not fond of shots at all. Has fainted several times through life at in Dr.'s office, at the sight of blood, cannot approach bad auto wreck scene. Same with his mother (mother of 7 - go figure). He said that he felt had he just stopped the meeting and laid down for a moment could have prevented from progression. Needless to say, after all the comotion, wished he had. He is also hypoglacemic (low blood sugar), must eat frequently. After 20 years of marriage - will take his sqirmishness more seriously about things that freak him out. Dr. Says - feeling it coming on - don't give a durn what others think - stop & lay down. - I too thank each of you for sharing on this site. I now feel the Dr. probably called this correct and by each of you sharing I know he is not alone.

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