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Re: Recurrent VVS and Zoloft



Wow, your BF's episodes sound so similar to my own experiences. I think my first episode happened when I was about 9 years old (I'm 37). I was staying with a friend during the summer time and got a stomach virus and I had my first fainting spell right before I had to vomit. Then when I was 12, I got another stomach virus and this time, when I'd run to the bathroom, I'd fall and I couldn't remember what happen. I'd come to and get up off the floor and continue on my way to the bathroom to vomit. My dad saw me fall one time and he thought I was having seizures. My parents took me to the hospital and the doctor said I had had grand mal seizures. They put me on meds for a while, but then decided I didn't need them. Well, I obviously was mis-diagnosed. This faining happens to me only when I have to vomit. I will faint right before and then when I come to I then vomit. I too always thought it was alcohol related, since I alway got sick when I drank too much alcohol. I don't think its related though. I had a stomach virus on November 1st and I went to vomit and I fell and hit my head on our bathtub (big knot on my head). My husband came running - he thought I'd fallen through the wall! Well, from that point on, he watched me each time I had to vomit (poor fella). He said I would only faint, that I wasn't having seizures. I had a physical yesterday and I talked to my PA about what happened - that I've been having these episodes since I was 9 and she tells me its Vaso-Vagel Sycope. I was actually relieved to find out what's been happening all these years. I'm very fit (I run and lift weights) so I'm wondering if I just have a really strong heart - like you said about your BF. I'm relieved to find this forum.

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