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Re: Infants and vasovagal reaction



Hello, I had this when I was a baby to the age of 5 (I still have sometimes). At a baby's age their body can adapt to this. Forinstence, when I was little I would passout from standing or stitting too long. With out knowing it my body figured out that if I figit or cross my legs I stop feeling dizy in turn it stops the passing out. I had no idea that my body was doing this, but it did and the episodes got less and less. Now my triggers are from things my body couldn't adapt to because they do not happen very often - such as being poked. I have never heard of baby's dying from this, but anything is possible. You can make sure to keep them in safe places (example: if they look pale and they were say on a horse or at the top of the stairs) take them down so they will not get hurt. I think baby's have a better chance if they will not get hurt durring an episode. I am not a doctor so my advice is just from my own expreience, but if my body hadn't of adapted - I would pass out constintly. I am dizzy 80% of the day and my body fixes itself. You can try things like putting feet above head, layng down, let the kid sit if standing for long periods of time, let them know in their case it is ok to figit They may get ancious in lines - this isn't impatience it is them saying I might faint. Their body will learn what works and what doesn't and then it will do it involuntary anytime an episode is close. This probably will not stop all episodes, but if you can stop some you have a much better chance they will not get hurt.

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