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When I heard about this condition...

From: Rachel


...on the radio it was as though a great weight had been lifted off my fact I was almost close to tears because what they were describing was word for word what I have. I'm 21 and since I can remember I've always fainted when people talk about blood. If I *just* fainted it wouldn't be half so bad but its the nausea...the heart palpatations...the shivering (although my temperatures up)...the blurred vision along with the dizziness etc that I go through before fainting that make it so frightening. When I was 10 my mum took me to a psychiatrist which was of little use and they said I would "grow out of it" by the age of 12. I didn't and it's getting alot worse. Luckily I am in a position to avoid situations where I will face talking about or seeing blood...but sadly it hasn't always been like this. Biology classes were fun in the beginning for the other children!! That is until I kept passing out (once blocking a fire escape) and the teachers decided to give me a book and let me teach myself in a quiet room. One thing that did make me laugh about the radio discussion was when someone said "well how would someone with the condition be a doctor?" I sat there and yelled "they wouldn't want to be!!" The last time I was @ a hospital (I had broken my foot and couldn't walk) I ended up fainting in the reception area because the smell and the knowledge I couldn't leave triggered it off. I am relieved to find that it might not be just an unusual phobia because all time I just thought I was "weird"... It's also very reassuring to know that there are other people who experience just how scary it can be..

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