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forgot to add

From: Dani'


when the episode starts my nails turn blue, I have Raynaud's too. The episodes seemed to disappear for a while and came back about 2yrs ago. I had one when my daughter was 18m old and I had to call an ambulance for her. I felt dizzy and had vision stuff in the ambulance, the paramedics kept asking me if I was ok and I wondered why they were asking (actually I was thinking why are you asking me my daughter is the patient!) my nails were blue, they get that way in the cold also. When I saw my reflection I saw my lips were blue too.

It happened again when my other dd had an accident at school and when she and dh got in a car accident and a police officer called.

I am trying to think of other times it has happened:

-after drinking alcohol -after eating -after standing up quickly -after shocks -in hot weather -after doing less than healthy things in high school and college -smoking in the bathrooma s a teen while running a hot shower

I had episodes while pregnant but had a good long stretch of no episodes or at least just a little dizziness. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with a sick feeling or my heart pounding. I wonder if it is happening while i sleep from reflux? My heartbeat drops at night from reflux according to holter monitor.

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