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vv after eating

From: Dani'


I have been having what is thought to be vv after eating. My cardiologist (I have an arrhythmia) noted fast hb, 149 or so and after I eat it drops down to 40. I was hospitalized recently because I had an episode, actually many episodes the day after a fasting glucose test and had changes on my EKG. A visit yesterday showed changes again, can vv cause this?

The fasting test came back a little high so I am seeing an endocrinologist who suspects that I have something called diabetes insipidus. totally unrelated to reg diabetes, maybe a sugar problem. H ethinks I may have a pituitary tumor, symptoms being the DI, migraines, vision changes, and some other things so I am getting an MRI tomorrow.

I have bad reflux w/bleeding, possible esophagal damage/ulcer, and there was talk of that irritating the vagal nerve. Has anyone heard of this?

I have had a lot of episodes throughout my life (I am 25) especially while pregnant but I thought they were gone. This all started after losing 20lbs in 2m for no apparent reason, I am very thin so they are looking into thyroid too which could also be caused by a tumor.

Needless to say I am a little edgy these days!

If any of this sounds familiar let me know!

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