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my symptons and experiences...

From: ryce


Ok, i've experienced it 4 times now, the passing or near passing out. im sure i got this problem, so im not going to a doctor, and i know exactly what causes it for me, so i know how to stop it ect.

Basicly for me, its blood. I can watch a movie and see a guy get his head blown off, im fine, but once i see vampires bite a neck, or their veins(omg thats crazzy) or drink blood from a cup its over, i feel it come on. My chest gets hot and i can feel the blood move around my boddy, some parts of my body start to tickle(like if your leg goes to sleep) then, i start looseing sight and i feel exahsted then i pass out for a couple seconds and im back refreshed and fine. I only actully fully lost concisness one time, in class. I read a book about some detaild home made blood transfusion and my mind went off and i felt a dizzyness coming on. This was befor i knew i had this problem, i asked to get some water and was told i looked very pale. I walked for the door and got some very bad tunnel vision, next thing i know im on the ground and the kids are stareing/laughing at me. Heh, i was told i walked full speed into the door then just fell.

The other times i felt the dizzyness but controlled it and put my head down, i was told it happens because of blood loss to the brain so it helps to put ur head between your legs, works like a charm for me. I do that then i get the hell away from whats makeing it happen and get some water. Water really helps me, the coolness i guess.

It uselly happens during vampire movies, not gore movies. I dont have the slightest distugst at blood, i look at it like everything else but i just have the unconsious effect of passing out. I alwyas feel it coming and sometimes if i can de rail my mind from thinking about it ill be fine.

I was very scared of needles as a kid, but never had this happen, it must have started when i was about 14-15. The last time i had a shot i felt it coming on, but controlled it and looked away from the needle, i can not look at the needle or ill go down. I am also afraid of people with knifes around me, but i love playing with them my self, i just have no trust in anyone with a knife, not even my best friend.

Anyways i posted this to help others who might have it the same way i do, ive never got hit unless i was influinced and each case i identified it as blood/veins/ needles ect. Weird.

I am 17.

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